Vacuum in front line with GV 1-2-3 vacuum generators


Vuototecnica makes components grip and release perfect thanks to vacuum, every day, from every point of view, in all production stages and in all industries.

To facilitate the customers, it designed GV 1-2-3 single-stage vacuum generators in line.

These vacuum generators are based on Venturi principle. What distinguish them from classical vacuum generators are, first of all, the compact design and the lightness. For these characteristics, they can be assembled directly on the supports of the suction cups or mounted in axis even on the cup holder, in place of the coupling. All with extreme simplicity.

GV_123The connections for the supply air and for the vacuum are on the same axis, while the intake and exhaust air drain, in threaded brass, is orthogonal to them, as you can see from the video.

For a matter of cleaning and for grip and release at high frequency, closing with a valve the drain of the ejector, the customer can create a counter blow, generated on the suction cup, in order to speed the release phase and to expel any impurities sucked during the manipulation of components, thus avoiding the occlusion of the ejector.

The generators are made of excellent quality materials, too: they are made of anodized aluminum and brass.

To learn about technical characteristics of GV 1-2-3 generators and figure out how to adapt them to your business, please contact Vuototecnica staff on the website


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