MSVE 20 vacuum generator is the newborn of MSVE family.

This product has a flow rate of 20 mc/h.

This feature makes it ideal for all industrial machines equipped with a certain number of suction cups, even with large diameters, such as the case packers for picking and opening cartons, but also machines for picking building and construction materials.

Like all generators in the range, it has a blow-off that helps cleaning and setting efficiency even in dusty environments, such as those rich in cardboard residues, but not only. It is also perfect in the marble, ceramic and wood sector.

The blow-off in MSVE 20 is further enhanced.

It also has the same operating principle and the peculiarities of previous models:

  • it is compact, it can be installed anywhere, it is ideal for gripping systems with several suction cups, for handling sheet metal, glass, marble, ceramics, plastic, cartons, wood, and many other products.
  • it allows significant energy and compressed air savings.
  • it does not create pressure drops: the check valve ensures, in fact, that the vacuum is maintained during use, even in the absence of electricity.
  • it is fed at low pressure and it has record-breaking emptying speeds, compared to its suction capacity, with the advantage of short and high-performance working cycles.
  • all parts can be easily inspected and it has quality materials.

To learn more and view technical specifications, download the catalogue on


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