Palletizing bags of bulk building materials


In the following video you can see in action Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping  system with PJ plates in the palletizing of bulk building material bags using ABB mechanical arm.

As you can see, the PJ plates ensure a stable and secure grip without tearing or damaging in any way the package of bags, thus avoiding operational downtime and losses.

The gasket and the gripping surface of these plates can limit the deformation of the bag, while also reducing the loss of vacuum to the minimum.

PJ plates are made of anodized aluminum, and have a foam rubber gasket.

The lifting force is calculated considering a minimum vacuum level of -75 Kpa.

Octopus, In addition, as you already know if you follow our blog, allows a fast change of the clamping heads for a quick adaptation to other applications.

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