An incredible speed in taking and release ceramic tiles


In late September, in Rimini, there will be Tecnoargilla trade show and one of our customers will present the robot that you can see at work in the video, which deals with the production of ceramic mosaics.

Vuototecnica FVG vacuum generators and 08 30 24 A suction cups have been mounted on the robot. A winning combination, to speed up robot time of taking and release.

fvg3FVG ejector (Fast Vacuum Generator) provides flexibility and reliability in gripping, as you can see, at incredible speeds.

FVG is very light and compact, easy to install and has a large suction flow capacity, reasons why the customer decided to adopt him.

On FVG exists in addition the possibility of a defeatable system, for the generation of a counter-blow in the suction cup at the time of releasing the particular to manipulate.

083024_low08 30 24 A suction cup  ensures maximum stability of the ceramic tile, thanks to its internal labyrinthic support which also helps to limit the internal volume of the suction cup, thus minimizing the emptying times.

To learn more, visit

Or take part in the fair in Rimini to see them in action.


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