In the following video you can see Vuototecnica Vacupredator vacuum cups in action in the in-line gripping of bags of mozzarella in packs.

As you can see, the flexibility of the package and the weight do not create any problems for these special vacuum cups, contrary to what often happens with traditional rubber suction cups, generally with bellows.

Vacupredator suction cups in fact are designed to avoid occlusion when gripping flowpacks, bags, envelopes and flexible plastic films: thanks to their internal configuration, they can grip thin and flexible plastic films and maintain a firm grip even when the robots move with irregular and jerky movements.

Precisely because of their “tenacity” they have been named Vacupredator, “vacuum-predators”.

They are easy to install on board in-line machines and can manage different configurations according to the application needs of customers.

All, of course, without ruining packages, with precision and speed.

To learn more about solutions for the packaging and food industries, please download the Vacuum Solutions catalogue at


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