Taking different size sheets without vacuum (and time) waste


In the following video you can see in action a shifter with suction cups, in subjection to a punching machine for the unloading of the processed sheets.

You can see that, despite the format change of sheets, there are no hitches, and operational flexibility is guaranteed.

Vuototecnica suction cups in fact have a perfect seal and are activated only when they are actually resting on the plate.

2_096This is because they are connected to cup holders with built-in shut-off valves, which, in the absence of the object to handle, are able to automatically and hermetically close the suction section of the suction cup, allowing in this way that the flow rate of the vacuum source is concentrated only on the suction cups in grip, without undesirable lowering of the degree of vacuum.

The cup holders with mechanical feeler usually perform the same function but have a bug: they may activate the suction even when unfortunately the suction cup is resting in the vicinity of a hole or of a sheet metal cutting; resulting in a loss of air on the main vacuum circuit.

The cup holders with shut-off valves by Vuototecnica however not allow for this scenario and are much more efficient. Without vacuum  (and time) waste.

To learn more, contact Vuototecnica designers.


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