When choosing suction cups, considering the type of compound is very important because it affects the effectiveness of the grip, considering the application required.

Start by examining the type of material to be handled (glass, wood, plastic, metals, ceramics, etc.) and the type of surface (smooth, slippery, knurled, uneven, convex, etc.) as well as the weight of the load and the atmospheric conditions of work (if outdoors, and exposure to dust, vapors, etc.). The temperature and air composition of an environment are very important for the grip and hold of the various suction cups, while they are often not taken into account.

We then move on to assess whether there is a need for special attention. For example, in some sectors and for some products, it is necessary not to leave halos or marks on the surfaces that come into contact with the suction cups (it is therefore useful to use an anti-stain rubber); in other cases, it is necessary to dissipate the electrostatic charges that accumulate on the gripping surfaces (for which antistatic nitrile rubber is useful).

On the other hand, silicone may be the most suitable choice when dealing with very low or very high temperatures, and in other particular cases. Magnetic silicone cups, for example, are used in the food industry and have the characteristic of being easily detectable, in case of breakage or accidental detachment, by metal detectors used for control.

In the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and aeronautical industries Viton is often used, while for machines that operate outdoors, in contact with atmospheric agents or sea water, or with printing inks and solvents, Dutral is ideal.

The possibilities are many and can be customized according to specific needs.

On the Vuototecnica website you can find a useful table with the general characteristics of rubber suction cups, but if you want to be guided more precisely in the choice of the most suitable materials and applications, you can consult the TraceParts website in search of technical specifications or please contact our engineers directly at www.vuototecnica.net.


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