Here you can see in action an industrial machine that kneads and extrudes pasta.

On the machine is installed a Vuototecnica vacuum reducer, that has the ability to maintain the vacuum constant, depending on the needs, within the extrusion matrix.

3_019This way, pasta comes out compact, with no air bubbles and cohesive to the matrix that gives it the shape.

The customer can establish in advance the ideal vacuum for extrusion, depending on the types of pasta generated. And all without the need of air into the primary circuit of the vacuum pump, that will operate so always at high degree of vacuum.

Vuototecnica is a pioneer in Italy in the production of vacuum reducers and it produces different types: with manual adjustment for low vacuum, and reducers with pneumatic adjustment, which can also be installed in a place away from the point of control and work through a pressure regulator on the control panel.

The vacuum is kept constant by Vuototecnica reducers even when there are fluctuations in the pump or in the depressor; atmospheric air never goes into circuits and thus prevent production which is deformed by too much depression.

To know all the models, you can browse the catalogue.


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