It is usually said “fall like a sack of potatoes” but rest assured that this way of saying does not apply when dealing with Vuototecnica’s Vacupredator suction cups.

The demonstration is in this gripping test, carried out at Beverate di Brivio headquarters for a Vuototecnica customer.

As you can see, the grip is firm and without occlusions, despite the flexibility of the plastic packaging of the potato net.

Inimitable when it comes to picking up and handling flowpacks, Vacupredators are designed for flexible paper or plastic bags, sacks and containers of powders, granules, bulk or liquid products, and are therefore also perfect for potato nets or other food products (onions, garlic, lemons, oranges, etc.).

Inside them, they have a slotted plate that allows the flexible container to adapt to the suction cup, and a special spongy rubber gasket that, following the wrinkles that form on the package, prevents perimeter vacuum losses.

You can choose round or elliptical and in different sizes and configurations. It is also possible to customize them according to the product to be handled and the depth of the plate.

In the video it is the operator who creates and excludes the vacuum for gripping and releasing but it is possible to mount these vacuum cups on any type of robot, even in case of fast and irregular machine movements, with different vacuum sources (electric vacuum pumps, pneumatic vacuum generators, side channel impellers, etc.) and different fixing possibilities.

Gripping is always guaranteed and packaging is not damaged. Flexibility and efficiency make everything easier.

Would you also like to test a product at Vuototecnica’s headquarters to see what solution fits best for you? Please, write us:


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