Unrivaled Valves for vacuum regulation


Do you have a suction pump with rotating vanes or a liquid ring pump, impellers with side channels or a lobe pump, and do you need to regulate the vacuum?

Vuototecnica offers vacuum control valves that are characterized by ease of use and excellent seal, with unparalleled features on the market.

When reaching the desired degree of vacuum, atmospheric air enters the circuit thanks to these valves, to avoid the increase of the set value and keep it constant, on circuits with a single vacuum pump and a single use (or more usages at the same degree of vacuum).

The adjustment is achieved by turning the knurled compass in both directions; the thread of the valve, very fine, ensures an accurate calibration.

They also have a sealing gasket in Nitrile or Viton, in case of necessity of use at high temperatures or in presence of chemical agents. The seal is vulcanized directly on the valve pad and it is able to ensure maximum seal to the attainment of the desired degree of vacuum.

On the market are now only available sealed valves, metal on metal, with relative risks of leakage. Which does not happen in the case of Vuototecnica valves.

On request they can be realized in minimum quantities, totally made of stainless steel.

To view the designs and tables of values relating to this solution: https://www.vuototecnica.net/product/133/it/3.23.pdf


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