Imagine one or more customized modules of solenoid valves assembled together in a small space, with different functions, all of them already tested, and with perfect vacuum tightness. Does it seem impossible?

No, it doesn’t. Vuototecnica’s special valve modules meet all these requirements. Created to meet the needs of designers in the packaging sector, they become a perfect solution in all fields of automation, whenever there is a need to group several multi-function solenoid valves in small spaces.

The biggest advantage of this solution is that Vuototecnica can work tailor-made for the benefit of manufacturers who will be able to use several valve modules, already wired and already tested, according to operational requirements. They only have to put the modules on board on the packaging machine or other robots and connect them to the vacuum source and use.

Assembly becomes very fast, because the tightness control of vacuum valves is already carried out by Vuototecnica and the customization is developed right from the start.

The ideal use of these multi-function modules is on packaging and filling machines in the packaging sector, but also on vacuum thermoforming and thermosealing machines and, in general, in all cases where it is necessary to manage the vacuum at different points and times, taking up little space.

To know technical specifications of each module and their general configuration, please refer to the dedicated catalogue page.

However, consider that Vuototecnica’s technical office is ready to start a functional comparison for the preparation and, above all, the personalization of the modules.


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