Vuototecnica, back to the future: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated


Vuototecnica was founded in 1975 from a project and a patent brought forward by Giuliano Bosi in the early seventies: vacuum solenoid valves, 2-way, directly operated.

These solenoid valves became over time icon of Vuototecnica ability to look to the experience of the early years and at the same time to innovation and sustainability.

They have not changed significantly from the seventies but their principle of operation can still be revolutionary compared to what is normally offered by competitors.

They consist of an hot molded brass body, in which the connections are formed, of an internal mechanics with double shutter and an actuator driven by an electric coil.

Precisely for this peculiarity, they stands out among all the direct operated solenoid valves on the market, which typically fit, to open the same passages, powers which are up to 3-4 times higher.

Their appearance which is deliberately vintage hides therefore a patented functional principle from 40 years ago but which is extremely innovative and green even today.

(A curiosity for fans: the hexagonal valve was reported within Vuototecnica logo, to enshrine this winning pact between past and future.)

Vuototecnica vacuum solenoid valves, 2-ways, directly operated,  are perfect as a vacuum breaker on board of vacuum packaging machines, degassers and autoclaves.

To know the technical characteristics of this icon, download the Vacuum Solutions catalogue on


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