Modify your vacuum systems for higher efficiency


Vuototecnica not only designs new solutions, also changes low efficiency systems for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Here we present a case of modification. In the video below you can see in action a pick and pack robot.

Vuototecnica engineers improved it for the end customer.

First of all, instead of the previous centralized vacuum system, we assembled a FVG 3 vacuum generator for each suction cup. The customer had in fact the need to eliminate the loss of packages, in the case where they were not present in the gripping area.

FVG 3 generators provide an integrated counter blow that cleans all and facilitates the release of snacks; in addition they are equipped, on their own vacuum connection, with a micro vacuum switch (code 12 05 10P) able to report in real time the loss of a single package. In this way, multi-packs that have an incorrect number of products can be identified in advance and integrated further by the operator, down the line.

Secondly, the suction cups (code 08 40 42S) are perfect for gripping food flow packs. The customer in fact reported that previous suction cups did not fit the typical plastic film extroflexion of these wrappers. With Vuototecnica suction cups, all problems are solved.

Finally, we point out that Vuototecnica FVGs are ideal for this type of in-line applications, as they are lightweight and compact and can be easily mounted in any position.

To learn more about mentioned products and modify your equipment, contact Vuototecnica engineers.


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