Detecting and avoiding accidental detachment and contamination from suction cups in the food industry



The quality of the food we eat and security are among the most debated topics at the EXPO 2015 in Milan. The handling of food products or alimentary use products in fact requires increasingly strict rules. Not to contaminate products and to ensure the ultimate in cleanliness, Vuototecnica recommends these suction cups in magnetic silicone.

In case of breakage of the suction cup or accidental detachments from their support, thanks to the metal detectors for the protection of foods, it is possible to locate the ferrite powder contained in these suction cups. A simple trick but it allows you to work without problems.

This special compound called “SMG” has a very high resistance to solvents, UV, ozone, chlorine, and oxygen, enduring so all conditions of production.

These suction cups are suitable for all temperatures, from -50 ° to 275 ° C, and for all types of foods.

For more information and to know specifications:



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