Maxigrip suction cups, Christmas packaging and boxes


Especially when it comes to Christmas gifts and holiday shopping, packaging is trending upward, and the packaging industry finds itself dealing with a significant surplus of work. That’s where Vuototecnica solutions come to the rescue by facilitating smarter line management.

In the following video, in particular, you can see a tray and folding machine in action for the shaping of packaging and wrapping boxes.

The machine is equipped with Vuototecnica’s Maxigrip VRP 50 AB suction cups that can handle different types of cartonboard thanks to their gentle yet firm grip.

Their gripping lip allows great flexibility and they are available in different conformations, including a bellows version.

They are perfect for flat, concave or convex surfaces and, most importantly, they do not break or damage gripped objects in any way. Even lighter objects such as cardboard.

As you can see in the video, Maxigrips are perfect for multiple tasks on the same line: for example, in gripping cardboard boxes and later in gripping potato chip cans with a plastic top.

They provide a wide range of accessories (reductions, couplers, adapters, and positionable knuckle joints) so you can install them on any machine and/or vacuum robot.

The great success of these suction cups has come in a truly “universal” supply, and you can find them in other compounds, shapes and sizes as needed.

To learn more, contact Vuototecnica’s designers at


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