How to handle wooden veneer sheets effectively and quickly


In the following video you can see in action Vuototecnica components gripping and handling wooden veneer sheets.

Despite the lightness and subtlety of these large wooden sheets, Vuototecnica 01 30 55 S bellows suction cups can pick up one sheet at a time, avoiding sticking to the other sheets, and delicately whitout ruin them or break them.

The sheets are flipped and then repositioned with a firm but gentle grip, as you can notice.

Bellows suction cups are powered, for this particular application, by multi-stage PVP 600 MD modular generators by Vuototecnica, mounted on multiple frames.

PVPs have large aspiration capacities with very small dimensions that allow mounting directly in contact with the gripping hand.

One of their key features is that they are soundproofed, and therefore absolutely silent, ideal for making the most sustainable work environment, with efficiency, too.

In addition, they are made of quality materials: anodised aluminum, with disc valves and special seals.

Lastly, in this specific case, low-absorption three-way vacuum solenoid valves (code 07 05 13) were also used to ensure a rapid exchange between suction and air intake in the circuit, a rapid recovery of atmospheric pressure and therefore a more immediate and accurate take-off and release.

To find out technical characteristics of these Vuototecnica products, see the drawings and find out which application is the best one for your business, please visit:


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