As easy as drinking a can of soda


Have you ever wondered how the cans from which you drink your favorite drinks are being processed?

Or are you a manufacturer and are looking for a method to improve the production and packaging phases?

The shape of the cans certainly does not help the handling operations, nor during the initial production stages, neither during filling and packing in pallets.

For this particular problem, Vuototecnica developed a suction cup ideal for taking flat, smooth or slightly rough objects with cylindrical or curved shape, such as cans.

The lip shape allows a firm grip, eliminates oscillations (so as to avoid load losses) and reduces the volume of air contained in it, allowing faster grip and release.

The suction cup can be fitted without the use of adhesives, on an anodized aluminum support provided with a threaded central hole to allow an easy fastening to the automatism. Everything in a very simple way.

If you need a spare, you can simply request a new suction cup, in the desired compound.

To find out more, contact Vuototecnica designers who follow you considering which product is the best for your application.


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