New Vuototecnica digital vacuum switches


The new digital vacuum switches 12 30 10 and 12 30 10A are perfect for the measurement and control of dry air and non-corrosive gases, they are ideal for signaling the achievement of maximum and minimum values: in all cases where there are reasons of security or to start and stop a working cycle, for example.

Thanks to the hysteresis function, it is then possible to manage the compressed air supply to the vacuum generators, with great energy savings.

This new series of Vuototecnica digital vacuum switches are made in the form of a parallelepiped and are very compact and light, so that installation is simple and worry-free, in all positions.

Precision is proverbial for Vuototecnica, and the interface is very intuitive.

The values ​​are in fact displayed directly on the display, making the use of a vacuum gauge superfluous. In addition two LEDs, one red and one green, integrated on the control panel, indicate the switching status of the digital and analog signals, at the output. (Switching outputs are independent.)

The switching points included within the values, as well as the hysteresis from 0 to 100% of the set value, can be easily programmed using the small buttons on the control panel. Finally, other extra functions can be programmed, such as the comparison between two values, NO and NC contacts, choice of the unit of measure, block of values ​​and programmed functions, and much more.

To know these little gems, download the technical data sheets and wiring diagrams on


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