Vuototecnica 150210 ejectors: no more clogs!


In the automated making of cardboard boxes, a lot of dust is created inside the machines.

As end users, you know very well what it means to have clogged ejectors: downtime for cleaning and maintenance and consequent loss of time and money.

In the video below you can see Vuototecnica 150210 ejector in action, able to solve the main problems resulting from the use of cartoning machines – including clogging.

As you can see, a customer replaced the ejectors already fitted as standard on the machine with Vuototecnica ejectors.

Advantages were evident from the beginning. First of all, as regards the cleaning of the suction circuit (the integrated automatic counter-blow of Vuototecnica ejectors would be enough to persuade the skeptics).

Secondly, because the suction cups showed greater grip and release reactivity and greater durability. The counter-blow avoids that the cardboard smears on the lip of the suction cups.

150210 ejectors you can see in the video were equipped with Vuototecnica Free Flow SSX1/4″ gas exhaust silencers, with high soundproofing power and able to completely solve the risk of clogging which we can have with the compressed air silencers (generally closed) on the market and often mounted on the venturimeters of cartoning machines.

The cardboard dust and the eventual condensation of the compressed air supply are two elements that together form a sort of plug on the drain of the generally closed compressed air silencers.

Vuototecnica SSXs, on the contrary, always offer free air passage and an outlet for  aspirated dust and air mist.

You can test it!


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