CNC machining centers mill, drill, and cut materials such as wood, marble, glass, plastic and aluminum and they generally require a vacuum clamping system, which is divided into areas that are delimited by rubber gaskets.

On certain aspiration planes, manufacturers of pantographs for wood (or other materials) often oblige the end customer to open or close the depression areas by means of screws or plugs that users most often lose or not reassemble in the correct way on the plan. This is certainly not a practical solution, neither for speed nor for cleaning.

Vuototecnica 22 01 10 valves with ball shutter are designed to solve these suction problems.

Their greatest advantage is that they are activated only when the weight of the slab opens the ball shutter.

When this does not happen, the vacuum seal is perfect and there are no load losses with consequent energy savings.

A fast and performing solution which has another undoubted advantage: dirt and residues do not enter vacuum distribution box, reducing maintenance times and costs.

The inclusion and exclusion time of a clamping area is faster thanks to these valves assembled on the suction box.

For minimum quantity to be defined in the order, according to the size requested by the manufacturer, these valves can also be customized by Vuototecnica designers.

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