The latest trend in luxury housing solutions is the presence of small private pneumatic vacuum elevators, either for reasons of comfort or for health reasons.

These elevators have several advantages.
First of all they require a quick installation and without excavation, they do not have steps because they are placed directly on the floor, they take up little space and, if equipped with a pneumatic technology of a certain level, they allow a minimum maintenance and consumption.

Their footprint makes them ideal also for yachts and boats and they have a low environmental impact, as they do not require lubrication (no greases or oils).

They recall some science fiction films: transparent tubes that carry people elsewhere. Thanks to vacuum technology, it is now a reality.

The elevator is usually made up of an external cylinder and an internal coaxial cylinder (cab) that goes up or down thanks to an air flow suction and regulation system.

The operation is based on the carrying power generated by the difference between the pressure above the cabin and the pressure in the outside and inside (atmospheric) cab.

The required depression is created by suction turbines placed on the top of the cylinder or in another area, depending on the installation needs.

Vuototecnica has been designing solutions for creating and managing vacuum for over 40 years and contributes to making science fiction real.

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