Handling of inhalers in line with Octopus


In the video below, you can see in action Vuototecnica Octopus SO DO 10X.

This small and flexible gripping head was mounted on a flexible picker.

Notice how it easily moves different types of Asthma Inalers with irregular surfaces.

It picks up the inhalers without jolts and rotate in position, for the correct position of the inhaler in its place of deposit.

The gripping head, with its weight and its small size, can handle objects up to 15 kilos.

The SO DO 10X also has all the advantages of Octopus series: secure grip and release, simple maintenance, excellent construction materials, grip capacity even when the surface of the object to be taken occupies only 5% of the suction plane.

The Octopus SO DO 10X is available with sponge rubber or suction cups, depending on the application required and on the objects to be handled.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net