Vacuum can have so many applications, as we see every month here on the blog. Another interesting use of Vuototecnica products is in the restoration sector.

For the consolidation of cracks and porous parts of columns and decorative elements in stone or wood, the restorers in fact use a vacuum method which involves the use of VTS 20/F vacuum pump, of FS 20 siphon filter for the interception of the resin/liquids and VSS valves for vacuum bags. All branded Vuototecnica.

The material intrusion technique, as with the resin, to consolidate these artistic objects is in fact carried out by exploiting the depression, created by the vacuum pump.

In general restores proceed as follows: after having disassembled or the element to be restored (for example, by removing it from the facade of a church), it is wrapped in a soft fabric that has good absorption capacity and a cannula for the infusion of the resin.

The element thus wrapped and prepared must in turn be inserted and sealed in a double plastic bag that creates a watertight chamber. Vuototecnica VSS valves are specifically designed to allow the rapid connection of these bags to the vacuum pump (vacuum bagging).

Now, VTS 20/F vacuum pump comes into action, and extracts the air from the bag, the pores and the micro-fractures of the stone or wood.

The depression recalls the resin, infused through the cannula, and distributes it uniformly throughout the whole structure; closing and consolidating all microfractures.

After about 20 minutes, the pump – which drew all the resin towards the top of the column where there are VSS rapid connection valves – turns off.

The resin, which is now well distributed on the surface of the item, is also pushed into interstices and in micro cracks of the column, from the atmospheric pressure that acts uniformly on the outside of the bag due to the pressure differential generated inside it; hence also the definition “vacuum bag press”.

FS20 siphon filter is useful for intercepting liquids or any resin sucked from the bag during the procedure.

And the job is done in a perfectly hermetic and safe manner, with efficiency, thanks to Vuototecnica.

Vuototecnica can offer a wide range of dry and lubricated pumps with suction capacity from 2 to 300 mc/h and a final residual pressure of 0.5 mbar.

Contact our technical staff to define the components that best suit to your application needs.

We will be happy, once again, to help art and culture.


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