For many years, Vuototecnica has been the ideal ally of companies working in the food industry.

The solutions to ensure efficient production and low production and energy costs in this sector are different.

We start with Octopus vacuum gripping systems, ideal for palletizing bags and food packages with liquid, dusty or solid contents, without risk of damage or load loss. Here on the blog, for example, we described the application of Octopus in the palletization of cardboard boxes containing baked goods from a famous Italian brand (if you missed it, you can find it here), in the creation of pallets of beer boxes ( you can read the article here) and in the handling of packages of flour (here).

Among the favorite products of food producers there are also bellows suction cups and bernoulli suction cups, that operate without contact, combined with high energy efficiency vacuum generators, vacuum control and measuring devices. This type of suction cups and the relative systems allow, for example, the handling of crumbly baked products, avoiding breakage, and the stable and quick setting of sweets and eggs, fragile products. Vuototecnica knows how to treat them.

For the food industry there are also many other special solutions: magnetic silicone cups to prevent contamination of food by suction cups; vacuum cylinders to speed up the taking of small items and robotic pick & place, vacupredator cups, ideal for gripping envelopes, bags and flexible paper or flowpack containers, containing powders, granulates, loose or liquid products and many other customized applications.

To know the most suitable application for your company, please, contact Vuototecnica engineers.


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