Taking and releasing labels in the textile sector


Another interesting video for you: this time you can see in action Bernoulli BEC20 suction cups.

As you can see, their task is to take adhesive labels from the machine and deposit them on the work surface of a fabric cutting plotter, used to make clothes.

Consider the simplicity of the system. Vuototecnica BEC20 takes each label effectively and delicately.

The purpose of this application, even if it is not immediately intuitive from the video, is to help “print” the labels and deposit them on the surface of any fabric on the work surface of the machine.

Bernoulli suction cups compared to the classic rubber suction cups ensure continuity of operation, avoiding unwanted stops of the labeling system. This is because BEC20 are not subject to wear.

A further advantage is that the grip without direct contact does not damage the labels, it avoids unwanted creases and marks.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net


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