The concept of Smart Factory is very often abused, it is now talked about in every magazine, and every company defines its own 4.0 approach. But what does the word “smart” really mean? What does it mean to be in step with the times?

When it comes to adapting to the main technical innovations, Vuototecnica doesn’t hold back. For example, the recently introduced touch screen interface for managing vacuum pumpsets is the result of combining a screen and a digitizer that allows the user to interact with the graphic interface using fingers or accessories, just like smartphones and tablets.

The difference, however, is when you are able to direct change, with a research-oriented vision.

In fact, the concept of “smart” for Vuototecnica passes through a holistic approach to innovation, a modus vivendi that Vuototecnica has had since its foundation, with tailor-made solutions that keep pace with market needs.

Therefore, this attention to the future includes not only IT and technical innovations, although fundamental, but also the sharing of knowledge through laboratories, training rooms with suppliers and clients, demonstration robots and the communication sector.

Dialoguing with the best robot integrators to produce efficient products for individual needs, building customized paths to the end customer with partner distributors is always the best way to keep this “smart” characteristic trained (literally “quick, brilliant”).

If we look at it from this point of view, therefore, Vuototecnica has always been “smart”, even before knowing it.

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