The official news of the last few weeks is that in Italy it is possible to take advantage of incentives for renovation at 110% until the end of 2022, in addition to the classic tax deductions at 50% to 60% and 90%, depending on the work carried out in condominiums, private apartments and individual houses.

So, many are thinking of taking advantage of the moment and renovate their homes from an energy point of view but also aesthetically. The construction companies find themselves (or will soon find themselves) to meet a greater demand for raw materials and works.

Suppliers, such as tile manufacturers, have also put their hands on their warehouses and production of new pieces. And it’s not easy to meet the demand for speed and product care at these junctures.

Vuototecnica has been an engineering partner of various companies in the sector for many years and offers solutions suitable for handling marble, granite, porcelain and profiles of all sizes and with very irregular surfaces.

It solves for them the difficulty of ensuring a firm and at the same time rapid grip, in all phases of processing: from the in-line loading of heavy cement tiles to the fast pick&place of ceramic tiles, from the grip of products with slippery surfaces (such as marble and tiles with smooth finishes, even vertically) to outdoor handling (even in adverse weather conditions and prohibitive temperatures).

There’s no product that can’t be handled thanks to Vuototecnica, whether it’s loads with rough surfaces such as sawn, bush-hammered or flamed marble, embossed, non-slip or corrugated sheet metal, striated Plexiglas, rough concrete products, garden tiles with grit on the surface or smooth profiles.

In addition, Vuototecnica supplies vacuum generators and pumps suitable for dusty environments such as those used in the processing of building materials.

The damage caused by machine downtime due to clogging can in fact be incisive, since the production of dust is the order of the day: think, for example, of block cutting machines, marble strips, for gripping sheets, bricks, raw wood, and in general in any process where the presence of dust, shavings, or water can affect the efficiency of the application.

Finally, for heavy loads, it is possible to choose generators with large capacities but with very small overall dimensions and easy maintenance, such as MSVE 20.

To find out more about the most suitable products for this sector, click on the links in this article or visit:


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