Vuototecnica has been working with hospitals and laboratories for years to provide safe and efficient solutions and relieve the workload of doctors, researchers and nurses.

In particular, two products in the Vuototecnica catalogue are perfect for this purpose: suction cups with vulcanised support and special compound and DSV vertical safety depressors.

The suction cups are ideal for gripping and handling X-rays, plates, plastic products that must not be contaminated.

These suction cups do not leave any trace on the material, thanks to their special compound, moreover they are able to leaf through and take one object at a time, even when it comes to sheets one on top of the other, without leaving halos and without deforming the objects in any way; whether it is printed X-rays, laminates, sheets or whenever it is necessary to separate several overlapping layers automatically, safely and cleanly.

In the hospital environment, then, there are cases in which it is necessary to guarantee vacuum 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, also in research laboratories. In such circumstances, vacuum centralisation must be continuous and efficient.

In this regard, DSV vertical safety pumpsets have been designed for the normal operation of a pump with the possibility of inserting a new one when higher consumption is expected, or when the set minimum vacuum value drops. When this happens, a light and sound alarm system, on the electrical panel, and also remotely, comes into operation and warns the operators.

In the electrical control panel there are also: an automatic time inverter to make sure that the pumps work alternately and wear out in the same way; switches for choosing the operation of the pumps (manual or automatic); a counter for counting the operating hours of each pump. For further safety, the electrical panel is enclosed in a special metal box.

The vertical welded sheet steel tank is perfectly sealed, with integrated vacuum gauge to read the vacuum level at any time. There are also two rotary vane pumps with manual valves to exclude them when necessary, two vacuum switches with display to establish the minimum safety level below which the alarm is activated and to adjust the vacuum range within which each pump must work; a valve for vacuum interception, and finally a tap for condensate drainage.

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