Preserving coffee aroma with ATP vacuum seal tests


In the following video you can see the operation of Vuototecnica ATP 02 vacuum testing device on some coffee capsules.

As you can see, the capsules are tested to detect any air leakage, even minimal, revealing micro holes or imperfect sealing. This is particularly important, since a sealed package is synonymous with quality and allows you to preserve the aroma of the drink most loved by Italians.

The ATP operation is simple: vacuum is generated by a multi-stage pneumatic ejector in the transparent container filled with water. It is then enough to insert the capsule inside, in order to identify the precise point of the air leakage. A transparent plexiglass grid keeps the container submerged in water. In case of leakage of the capsules, the air bubbles, immediately highlight the weak point of the packaging.

In general, this is a perfect test for checking the tightness of bottles, jars and cans, plastic or tin packaging and all those packages that have an hermetic seal, such as flowpacks.

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