Back from Mecspe, Vuototecnica is preparing to manage the demands of the many visitors received at the booth, interested in old and new products.

Among the most appealing novelties is an all-in-one device for vacuum testing coffee pads (and other small packages). This is the ATC01 testing device, thanks to which it is possible to test the tightness of all pads on the market, even of different sizes and shapes.

Simply place the pads on the variable geometry supports and create vacuum inside the bell. The higher the vacuum setting, the greater the thrust created on the product seals. In this way, any leaks can be detected.

The vacuum degree is set via a 7-inch touch screen panel, which also reports alarms when necessary and indicates any maintenance of the device.

When testing starts, laser sensors inside the chamber detect deformation and capsule volume, and when the set timer resets, the results are displayed.

Confirming ATC’s user-friendly vocation are a USB2 socket and a LAN socket for transmitting and collecting test data.

Not able to see this application at the trade fair? Contact Vuototecnica for an appointment at


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