Octopus and the palletization of food packaging


A new application video dedicated to Octopus, a new successful vacuum gripping system by Vuototecnica. This time the challenge was palletizing food packages at the end of the line.

A challenge won thanks to the features of this special execution of Octopus.

As you can see from the video, the effectiveness of Octopus is the usual and inimitable. In this case, however, the client already had the vacuum source, so it was reused thanks to the work of Vuototecnica designers.

As you know, the possibility of customizing applications has always been the highlight of Vuototecnica’s philosophy: the end user can decide at any stage of design to make use of previous investments, as in this case, or to replace existing ones with systems and better performers.

For example, the need may arise to replace old, less valuable suction cups with an Octopus gripping head.

The advantages of the Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system are, in fact, countless.

First of all, it allows the gripping and releasing of different types of objects, with uneven surfaces, heterogeneous sizes and shapes, without necessarily having to modify the entire gripping organ. It is possible to disassemble the suction plate and replace it, easily, according to the type of application.

In addition, Octopus operates in all gripping positions with respect to the object to be gripped-horizontally, vertically, and obliquely, with no loss of load-and can compensate for any errors in flatness.

Everything is easily disassembled and inspected, even by unskilled personnel.

For further customization, Vuototecnica can provide Octopus gripping heads made with a 3D printer.

To learn more and find out which configuration is right for you, please find contact information for Vuototecnica designers at www.vuototecnica.net.


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