With Octopus PJ everything is easier


Creating pallets of packages has never been easier than with Octopus PJ.

As you can see from the video, the Vuototecnica-branded vacuum gripping system picks up bags full of grain two at a time and brings them to the ready boxes on the pallet, quickly and easily.

In fact, two Octopus equipped with PJ gripper plates with independent vacuum sources (PVP series multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generators) were mounted on a single robotic arm.

The PJ plates of the Octopus enable the stable and fast gripping you can see in the video, without breaking the bulk packages.

Bag deformation and vacuum loss are also minimized thanks to the sponge rubber seal of these special plates made of anodized aluminum.

What if you need to handle other product formats? Octopus allows quick replacement of gripper plates to suit all applications.

Don’t miss the efficiency of this system. Find all the drawings at: www.vuototecnica.net


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