Suction cups for lifting objects of all type, shape and surface


For handling of cardboard boxes, wood panels, marble and granite slabs, glass panes as well as plastic bags, abrasive springs and more: the suction cups, available from Vuototecnica in various conformations, are able to meet the most varied needs.

To meet every possible need, Vuototecnica makes a wide range of suction cups available, each with particular characteristics which set it apart from the others.

A few of these are listed below:

  • Cupped suction cup: the most common, used for moving very light objects even with rough or irregular surfaces such as plastic boxes, thin metal or glass slabs or wood panels.
  • Bellows suction cup: recommended in all cases where it is necessary to move sheets of paper or cardboard, thin sheets of metal, etc. Thanks to their great flexibility they are also used to pick up sloped surfaces or to compensate planarity errors.
  • Flat suction cups, round and rectangular: for vertical or horizontal movement of large loads such as marble or granite slabs.
  • Suction cups in foam rubber: for picking up course or very rough surfaces such as rough cement, cut marble, anti-skid sheet metal, etc.
  • MaxiGrip Suction cups: recommended in the Automotive sector for handling of oily sheet metal or body parts.
  • Circular crown suction cups: capable of picking up loads with a central hole such as CDs, bored discs, gears or similar objects.
  • Elliptical plane suction cups: used to move plastic objects, boxes, with limited surface area.
  • Particular suction cups: various conformations, can resolve all of the countless problems of pick up and handling. Suitable for picking up CD’s, handling of envelopes, labels, biscuits and chocolates, figurines, tiles, nots and bolts, etc.

Discover other details about these suction cups and many other suction cups in the Vuototecnica range at.



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