Automotive: Vuototecnica solutions for assembly lines


MaxigripAccording to ANSA, with respect to 2014, we had, in Italy, an increase of about 14% in registrations of cars, which bodes well for a recovery in the sector.

The producers operating in this industry know that the quality of the solutions pays back all the sacrifices, and the upgrade is the only way to move forward.

Robotic handling of metal sheets, glass and plastic parts of the car is a breeze thanks to Vuototecnica.

For gripping and handling curved and uneven surfaces like car bodies or molded plastic parts to be taken from the presses, you can use Vuototecnica moving joints (GSV and GSVF), in anodized aluminum.

Among their many advantages, the suction cup can rotate 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees to lock it properly with respect to the gripping surface.

These suction cups can be produced in a special compound, called Benz, which is resistant to chlorine typically found in oils for deep drawing and metal stamping.


To generate vacuum – with direct mounting on robot which are even smaller, articulated and faster – there is AVG (Automotive Vacuum Generator), equipped with a single stage ejector which allows greater speed at the same flow rate of multi-ejectors generators. With AVG you can also have another advantage: compared to traditional generators it provides an energy saving of 40% in air. As standard, there is, in fact, a pneumatic vacuum switch capable of interrupting the power supply upon reaching the maximum desired vacuum degree and then reconnect it only when the value falls below the minimum threshold. Even in the absence of electricity, your device can operate; a very important thing when working on robotic lines that can have sudden blackouts.

Vuototecnica has been supporting the automotive industry for forty years with leading-edge solutions for assembly lines, which make producers stronger, thereby enhancing the quality and the productivity.

To find applications in the automotive industry in technical detail, please contact Vuototecnica.


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