Here you can find the video of an application of Vuototecnica components, in the automotive industry.

Having to deal with windows and windshields is not a simple thing because it is likely to ruin the parts and because often the handling of the load proceeds from different phases, from the line to the vehicle on which it is to be mounted.

In the video you can notice that the robot grips the windshield in a firm way, and moves it horizontally, vertically and upside down without any difficulty, then resting it on the truck, safely.

This is thanks to Maxigrip suction cups, combined wiht Vuototecnica MVG multifunctional ejector, for the vacuum generation.

The Maxigrip have a very high friction coefficient and are available in all shapes and sizes.

The movement and speed are not a problem, as you can see.

Maxigrip cups peculiarity consists of an extremely flexible gripping lip, that allow them to adapt to flat, concave and convex surfaces, even on oleate or wet sheets. It is therefore perfect for automotive applications, on glasswork or car bodies.

They are available in all compounds and they do not stain, therefore they do not ruin the glass surface.

For generating vacuum in these suction cups, MVG 14 is particularly suitable because it is compact and has a great suction capacity, in relation to its small size.

It also allows considerable compressed air savings, because its operation allows you to keep the vacuum level within pre-set safety values (hysteresis).

By activating the compressed air supply micro-solenoid valve, the generator creates the vacuum; on reaching the predetermined maximum value, the vacuum switch, acting on the electric coil of the micro solenoid valve, stops the air supply and restores it when the vacuum value falls below the minimum value.

A second vacuum switch signal, also adjustable and independent of the first one, can be used to allow the start of the cycle when the vacuum degree reached is suitable for use.

After the working cycle ends, the air microelectromotor valve is deactivated and at the same time the expulsion micro-solenoid valve is switched on for a rapid reset of the atmospheric pressure.

Yet watching the video seems all so simple! In fact, the user only sees the efficiency and the efficacy of the operation, with a consequent improvement for the application.

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