The agri-food sector was among the very few industries that showed some resilience in 2020 in Italy, in contrast to the general collapse of industry turnover, which stands at 11.5% in 2020 (the worst figure since 2009). This is announced by Coldiretti, based on the analysis of Istat.

Despite the fact that restaurants and agri-tourism suffered from the continuous closures and the rules of distancing, the food sector held, and this was possible also thanks to exports, which set an all-time record of 46.1 billion with a growth of 1.4%.

Coldiretti affirms that the sector is in fact “the first wealth of the country”. Germany leads this force by importing Italian products for a 5.5% increase, followed by the United States (+5.2%).

The president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini has also pointed out that in the agri-food sector within the next ten years new jobs could be created, about one million, if agriculture will move towards green and digital.

Prandini’s statement is full of projects and hopes: “Digitization of the countryside, urban forests to mitigate pollution and smog in the city, reservoirs in inland areas to save water, green chemistry and bioenergy to combat climate change and specific interventions in the deficit sectors and in difficulty, from cereals to livestock to olive oil, are some of the strategic projects developed by Coldiretti for the sustainable growth of the country.

A technological revolution that must necessarily pass through a network of suppliers and producers whose focus is energy sustainability and environmental impact.

Vuototecnica is part of this group of companies interested in the evolution of green, and has been working side by side with industries in the sector for more than 40 years to provide vacuum gripping and generation solutions. The goal has always been: green, efficient, state-of-the-art work steps. Here on the blog, you can browse the “food” category to discover the latest applications and see for yourself.

Vacuum is the best choice for the future.


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