Pick & place of chocolates at high speed: with Vuototecnica you can!


For robotic pick and place, Vuototecnica proposes several solutions.

One of these, particularly suitable in taking small objects, also in the food industry, involves the use of vacuum cylinders.

As you can see in this video, Vuototecnica cylinders allow the pick and place at very high frequency and are very efficient.

The stable grip allows to center in a perfect way preformed boxes of chocolates, even at high speed.

CilindriVuotoThe cylinders operate at depression and are equipped with a front vacuum chamber and a rear one at atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure differential between the two chambers, the greater the thrust of the piston, where the non-rotating piston rod is connected, on which, in turn, the suction cup is mounted.

The object is retained until there is vacuum. Then the rod returns to its initial position to repeat the cycle. The rod, in its movement, compensates automatically heights that divide it from the objects to be taken.

The cylinders are made of anodized aluminum with technopolymer bushing that provides lubrication and a long component life.

The suction cups are available in different compounds, depending on the products to be manipulated.

Read more: www.vuototecnica.net


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