Feeding and delivery on a latest generation digital printer


For printing and graphic industry, Vuototecnica developed many solutions that made employees’ life much easier and operations more effective and faster.

In the video below you can see in action Vuototecnica bellows suction cups in the socket and the release of large printing sheets within a digital printer based on UV-LED technology.

8_018The suction cups as you can see have no trouble browsing, separating the sheets: by virtue of their shape can indeed shrink, without friction between clean sheets and printed ones and providing greater stability.

They also do not leave any mark on the surface; neither fingerprints nor signs. The sheet remains untouched and perfect.

The suction cups are powered by a PVP 3 single stage vacuum generator, of very reduced dimensions in relation to its performance and made of durable materials.

The generator is easy to maintain and it works using the Venturi principle, with compressed air only. The pick and place of the suction cups is automatical and without thought for the operator.

To see the whole range of solutions for the graphics and printing, you can download the brochure on the website www.vuototecnica.net


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