Octopus and Maxigrip Cups: winning allies in palletizing


In the video below, you can see in action, in just over three minutes, a robot that moves from one pallet to another packs of beer bottles for a known brand.

The customer requires, while handling, maximum rigidity and stability, during picking and releasing of the boxes, too.

1_012A winning combination of Octopus heads (with suction cups) and Maxigrip cups is ideal, adding to the flexibility of the most popular vacuum gripping system, the stability of lateral grip by elliptical bellows suction cups, VES series.

The bellow of elliptical Maxigrip cups is soft and fits perfectly to the irregular surface of the cardboard boxes.

As you can see, the box is moved with ease, thanks to vacuum, batting on a rigid, non-slip surface plate, without damage to the fragile contents.

We have already seen the advantages of Octopus on other occasions. Here we remind that you can take objects of different shape and different size, without having to change or replace the suction cups, which makes the Octopus the most appreciated product for those who need to fill and empty pallets.

Vuototecnica, in addition to the large catalogue of products, offers customized solutions for gripping and handling like this that we just described.

To contact offices and learn about the best solutions, please visit www.vuototecnica.net


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