We are all forced to quarantine and we have become best housekeepers, now, we have really started to use household appliances, while, instead, we usually reduce to essentials the household experience, during the year.

We have been cooking, till now, and we’ve produced excellent dishes, at least we tried.

So we’ve been working with mixers, blenders, immersion blenders, ovens, and whatever else! We think, however, that only few people still own an appliance that is becoming more and more popular, that can be integrated in any kitchen: the vacuum drawer.

The best brands are now implementing it for the preservation of natural food under vacuum, but also to experiment with vacuum cooking, a way of preparing healthy and tasty dishes, and one of the most appreciated techniques by chefs, because of the cooking at low temperatures that maintains the flavors and healthy properties of the ingredients.

Everything is done in special containers (or bags) emptied of the internal air through a professional vacuum machine. The bags are then immersed in hot water for cooking or in the steam oven. The flavour of the spices, thanks to the reduced loss of humidity, is enhanced and the meat is cooked softly.

A further advantage is that, once cooked, the food can be immediately consumed or stored in the fridge.

For the simple preservation, the vacuum prevents food deterioration, oxidation and the proliferation of bacteria, because since there is no oxygen, the food lasts up to 5 times longer.

Vuototecnica has been working in the vacuum field for decades and it is able to offer vacuum pumps, solenoid valves, measuring and control instruments, also to produce these types of smart, new generation appliances.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net


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