According to the findings of Ucima-Mecs Study Center, the packaging machinery industry closed the first half of 2021 with a +21% compared to the same period in 2020 (+19.3% export and +31.2% domestic market).

A fairly happy picture, for the sector, that brings back the pre-pandemic situation (compared to the first half of 2019, the decrease is just 1.8%. Orders also grew by 10.9%, in the second quarter, and by 10.7% if we consider the entire first half of the year).

Food & beverage dominates with its 58.2% of overall business. Food alone covers 32.2% of total business (2,516 million euros), beverage 26% with 2,032 million euros in revenues. Compared to 2019 together they record a growth of +1.7%.

In third place in terms of volume is the pharmaceutical sector, with 1,356 million euros (17.4% of the total), followed by cosmetics, with 348.7 million euros in revenues and a growth of 11.4%. Finally, the chemical industry, with 270 million euros.

These are all sectors that Vuototecnica has been addressing for more than 40 years, designing ad hoc solutions and collaborating with the best Italian and foreign companies.
A partnership that can only provide for further future growth.

To learn more about Vuototecnica products dedicated to these leading industries, please visit the website or browse the blog by category.


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