In recent years, automotive companies in F1 sector developed new production techniques for more ergonomic and lighter racing car seats and better performing brakes. Many of these techniques involve the use of vacuum.

Some brake discs are made, for example, in specially treated carbon fiber and silicified in a vacuum process at about 1.700 degrees. The result is a significantly higher degree of hardness and greater resistance to thermal overloads compared to cast iron gray discs.

The minimal thermal expansion avoids the onset of deformations in case of strong stresses. Furthermore, carbon ceramic brake discs provide protection against oxidation and improved soundproofing. Especially with heavy loads: excellent conditions to guarantee reduced braking distance.

As for the seats, on the other hand, forming takes place by compression molding or by infusion. In both cases, an excellent vacuum seal is fundamental for the success of pieces and for composition and strength of materials. Without underestimating lightness that makes cars more competitive.

Vuototecnica always works in collaboration with best car manufacturers, providing vacuum systems suitable for these cutting-edge productions.

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