As you already know if you have been following us for a while, Vuototecnica has a very popular Youtube channel on which continuously publishes promotional videos, product applications in client companies or recorded in the laboratory during testing phases.

The aim is to reach out to its stakeholders live by showing that what it promises is actually fulfilled and demonstrating the collaborative capacity of the supply chain.

A convenience of exploring on Youtube is that, in the Vuototecnica profile, it is possible to watch application videos by sector, choosing, for example, whether to focus on solutions dedicated to packaging, marble, glass, or various other sectors, going into more detail on a specific branch.

By clicking on the “plastic” playlist we enter the world of plastics, including recycled plastics, and we can see a roundup of more than thirty videos:

  • suction cups that take flowpacks of bulk products and colored films;
  • Octopus vacuum gripping systems that move plastic molds and trays with uneven or hollow surfaces;
  • Bellows suction cups for handling bags of pasta and other food products;
  • vacuum generators and cylinders suitable for rapid pick and place of small plastic items;
  • robotic pick and place of plastic cups at very high frequency;
  • level-compensating suction cups, pallet loading and unloading, sometimes even including opening of bags to spill contents;
  • handling of plastic parts in the automotive industry;
  • taking plastic and latex gloves in-line;
  • creating boxes of plastic packaged goods, and much more.

Here on the blog each video has been commented on highlighting the potential of individual applications. To find the same in-depth convenience found on Youtube, explore in the categories and via the tags “plastic,” “octopus,” “pickandplace,” and “flowpack.”

Instead, to see drawings and technical specifications of the products you can visit


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