Octopus relieves daily production and packaging efforts


We never stop talking about Vuototecnica’s Octopus vacuum gripping system: it is always able to surprise, because of its operational flexibility, and it opens up new application scenarios.

The best thing is that thanks to Octopus system you can create a handling system or modify one already present in your logistics. In the following video, you can have an example.

The end user created a manipulator with manual load balancing.
As you can see, the weight of the box does not burden the back of the operator who put the boxes on the pallet because Octopus takes care of the whole charge. Its strength is able to take boxes of different size, shape and weight, and to resist every movement.

All the operator has to do is press a pneumatic button to feed the vacuum generator located above the Octopus head.

Mounting the Octopus solutions on automations, manual or robotized, it is possible to manage them simply by giving and removing compressed air, through a compressed air valve.

The operational advantages offered by Octopus precede its fame by now, but without doubt the most shocking aspect of this product, and this video fully demonstrates it, is that it is highly democratic.
Its flexibility makes it suitable for everyone.

The Octopus relieves daily production and packaging efforts.

To learn more, you can download the catalogue at www.vuototecnica.net


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