Octopus, a thousand possibilities in one


In the following video you can see Octopus BO 12 40 X bars in action, gripping cardboard interlayers of different sizes and shapes.

The practicality of Octopus is incomparable. As you can see, the customer needed to create pallets of cans with interlayers precisely positioned on the cans and at the same time be able to handle wooden pallets.

Only the Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system – with two suction bars that ensure that the interlayers are picked up without sticking to each other and are kept well stretched out until they are released onto the cans – can guarantee such flexibility of operation.

Octopus is able to pick up objects of different shapes, weights and sizes, even when there are surface unevennesses (as in the case of pallets), without damaging the load, with maximum customization and without having to change the gripping hand.

To find the Octopus that is most suitable for your application, please contact Vuototecnica designers: www.vuototecnica.net


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