New Octopus gripper plates for tins, cans and open jars


The Octopus family expands to include two new special PH and P2H suction plates that can possibly be installed in place of PX and P2X gripping plates.

The need was to provide for a more reliable gripping of empty and uncapped cans, bottles, tins and jars, since it is not easy to ensure the seal at the mouth of the object due to the irregularity of the surfaces.

In particular, the new PH and P2H gripper plates respond very well to the demand for de-palletizing all open containers, mentioned above, while also compensating for the irregularity in height often found on pallets that have “donkey backs” or depressions between the layers of stacked containers.

PH and P2H gripper plates are in this case the most suitable solution with their suction micro-holes cut in the spongy rubber.

PH model provides a spongy rubber (thickness of 15 mm while P2Hs of 30 mm), to be chosen according to the type of object to be gripped and the height compensation.

On the product data sheets, it is explained how to calculate the lifting force of the container, which must be directly proportional to the degree of vacuum generated on the surface of the mouth of the bottle to be picked up. This is a very precise calculation to be followed step by step by means of the directions in the catalogue or by getting help from Vuototecnica’s technical department.

It is understood that some containers, which are more flexible, must have been tested for vacuum before a similar gripping solution can be chosen, to prevent the bottles from imploding, after which the road to production efficiency is open and paved thanks to new Octopus plates.

Thanks to calibrated holes on the plate, it is possible to define the most suitable vacuum generator, with the right suction flow rate, so that even in presence of transpiration losses or in absence of items to be gripped, a minimum degree of vacuum for gripping the containers is always ensured.

Learn more about Octopus and its applications and learn about the features of these new vacuum plates:


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