Mozzarella, the queen of Italian excellence, ends up on tables all over the world every day, but about its industrial production we seldom know anything.

One of the most important steps in terms of product integrity and consumer safety is packaging, which requires the right amount of water in each package and a strong seal on the bag to keep the mozzarella’s taste and quality characteristics intact.

In the following video you can observe the collaboration between two Vuototecnica products: the special elliptical suction cups VP067SB0520S and the Fast Vacuum Generator (FVG 8).

The goal of this synergy, as you can see, is to move mozzarella bags in plastic trays without accidentally ruining or opening the packages, while maintaining operational speed.

The VP067SB0520S special suction cups were created ad hoc by Vuototecnica engineers, by means of a 3D printer.

Their functionality derives from another tool in the Vuototecnica range, but with smaller dimensions: the Vacupredator suction cups, which are ideal for gripping bags, sacks and flexible paper or plastic containers, even those with the most variable surfaces.

Like Vacupredator suction cups, they are in fact particularly suitable for gripping mozzarella packages, and allow for quick movement and a firm grip without ruining the product. The bag tends to fit snugly around the suction cup, which is designed to accommodate the folds that form on the packages. 

Customization of products, according to customers’ requests, is one of the benefits offered by Vuototecnica, which, thanks to innovative technologies such as 3D printing and robotic applications, actively responds to its customers’ needs.

For feeding suction cups, on the other hand, FVG 8 proves to be an ejector with excellent performance. Based on the Venturi principle and with pneumatic counter-blow useful to make the suction cup release phase easier, its main features are light weight and operational speed.

Due to its light weight, it can be installed on board robots very easily, without getting in the way and without troublesome cables.

The icing on the cake is the noise-reducing SSX silencer to promote a more sustainable working environment.

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