Choice of Vuototecnica cup holders


Cup holders frequently play a secondary role in the choice of vacuum solutions by companies. In reality, they are just as important. The choice of the most suitable cup holders must be made in relation to the load to be handled and the degree of automation of the robots and working machines.

The designer exploring the choice of cup holders most suiting the design requirements can choose between four main groups in the vast Vuototecnica production: micro cup holders, mini cup holders, simple cup holders and special cup holders.

The micro cup holders, the most recently conceived in order of time, were developed for the field of plastic molded item handling. They are distinguished for their compactness, lightness and full operation on board the EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling) for robots of presses for plastic. They are equipped with threaded bushings, with self-lubricating bushings, operating on the stainless steel ground stem, ensuring constant compensation even with loads perpendicular to the sliding axis.

The mini cup holders, as the name suggests, are characterised by a very small size and weight even capable of sustaining very small cup holders with the same performance of larger cup holders.

The simple cup holders are the standards of production, built intuitively and rationally for all uses.

The special cup holders were designed to work with heavy loads and in continuous and demanding operating conditions in environments that are also particularly dusty or very damp.

Each category of cup holder contains subdivisions of products based on the technical specifications and accessories. There are cup holders with probe to create vacuum only when the cup is in contact with the load to be lifted; anti-rotation cup holders to avoid the rotation of the cup holder during gripping; cup holder with magnetic sensor that allow precise counting of the pieces being handled; cup holders with built-in auto excluding valve to close the suction in all the cases where the cup holder does not rest
properly on the load to be picked up; articulated cup holder with a ball joint for gripping of loads with surfaces slightly inclined or to compensate for perpendicularity errors in gripping; and many others.

Vuototecnica is attentive to the needs of its customers and offers customised solutions depending on requests. For detailed information on the range of Vuototecnica cup holders, visit the site or browse the Vacuumsolutions catalogue.


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