Vuototecnica, F.I.P. and the flexibility of Octopus vacuum gripping system


Another winning collaboration between Vuototecnica and its partner distributor F.I.P, in Parma, led to the realization of a solution that is specifically designed for the customer.

A big Italian company of bakery products chose Octopus vacuum gripping system for palletizing cardboard boxes in its logistics center.

As you can see in this video, the customer replaced its previous head with our vacuum gripping system.

Even the old Cartesian robot turned into a flexible system, able to take partially opened boxes with irregular surfaces.

OctopusBy upgrading with Vuototecnica Octopus there were no more unnecessary downtimes, and replacement of the entire robot is no longer considered.

The Octopus heads can be always implemented, on any type of robot, Cartesian or anthropomorphic robots, and have high performance even when the object to be taken only occupies 5% of the suction surface.

Octopus is available in different configurations and sizes.

To learn more about how our Octopus operates, please consult the catalogue.


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