Biscuits and suction cups


Today we present you this video in which you can see in action a machine for biscuits.

As you can see, the complexity of the machines is made simple by the fluidity and perfect score of the operations.

In this process Vuototecnica helps, with its silicone suction cups, made with a FDA certified compound, for the food industry.

Please, note the firm and delicate grip – due to the friable nature of the product – the concertation of all the phases.

Focus mainly on the taking and release phases, which occur, as you can see, without jolts and in a precise way.

All Vuototecnica suction cups are also marked with a code and/or the logo. This is a very important aspect: there are often products without logo or code with an alleged non-toxic compound certificate.

It seems obvious, however, that it is impossible to certify a suction cup that has no identification.

Pay attention to imitations and, when in doubt, please contact Vuototecnica staff.